WOD ARchive

May 17, 2023

Complete as much as possible in 15:00:

Post total rounds & push ups:

500/450 meter row

Max military push ups

(knee’s cannot touch, CHEST must touch floor, all the way down and all the way up to the LOCKED OUT position)

* no rest on push up

Previous WOD's

Complete 3 rounds of: 400 Meter Run 15 Handstand Push Ups 5 Pull Ups

WOD # 1: 10:00 Amrap of: 5 Clean & Jerks 5 Calorie Ski Erg (RX-145/100)…

Complete 10 rounds of: 4 Deadlifts 3 Hang Snatches 2 Overhead Squats (RX-155/105) (M-125/80)

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